Name: Irmo Stijnberg
Age: 28 (October 15 1988)
Nationality: Dutch (Netherlands)
Skills of trade: Film Editing, VFX, Cinematography, Graphic Design
Interests: Film & TV Production, Game Management, Product Marketing
Languages: Dutch, English

My passion for film production started years ago, when I was 15 years old and it has grown stronger ever since. I can spend hours working on videos whithout getting bored or tired. It's a hobby and work that gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction and I enjoy doing it both as a job and in my spare time. I make videoclips, video reports, promos and machinima from pre-production to post-production. Bringing the art of film production into practice is what I love the most.

Due to my education and my field activities I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills that I look forward to use in future projects and improving them at the same time.

Video Editing & VFX


Graphic Design

Sound Editing

Web Development


This section contains a list of video- and music productions I have worked on throughout the years, ranging from TV productions to Music Videos and Machinima.

Machinima is an animated cinematic production that is created with the use of real-time computer graphics engines. Usually games are used to generate the animations. The only big difference with real-world videos is the camerawork. You record what is happening on your computer screen and use keyboard and mouse to move your virtual camera. Machinima can be slightly harder to produce in some cases, because the use of a text chat system is required to communicate with other players and instruct them. You are also limited to what is or isn't possible in the game itself and what the game looks like.

• Decide what kind of machinima.
• Write a story, make storyboard or shotlist.
• Assembling the crew and cast.
• Make sure the recording programs work properly.
• A shooting schedule makes sure every player is online when you need them to be.
• Use the recording schedule to shoot all main scenes.
• B-roll can be shot on off-times
• Production is like a normal video; the only difference is using your mouse and keyboard to control your camera
• Editing is similar to real-world editing.
• Label all recordings so you can find the shots you need for the scenes.
• Due to limitations in games and the lack of emotions they can express, you need to focus on using music to help guide the story.

Dutch College League

eSports Broadcast

The McGuire Programme

Interviews: Camera

3 Gamigo Trailers

Machinima: Director, Camera, Edit, VFX

Jeroen Leert

TV: Director, Camera, VFX

Twente Onderneemt

TV: Camera, Editing

Fiesta Online Trailer

Machinima: Director, Camera, Editing

Junior Pop M/V

Machinima: Director, Camera, Editing, VFX

Achterhood - Blijf Gewoon

Video: Editing, VFX

Achterhood - De Weg Naar Succes

Video: Camera, Editing


Video Report: Director, Camera, Editing

Philips Airfryer Infomercial

Video: VFX, Compositing



Saxion University Bachelor (HBO) Art & Technology, 2016
ROC Flevoland Vocational (MBO) Architecture, 2008
Oostvaarders College Highschool (HAVO), 2004


Dutch College League eSports Content Producer 2017-cur
Outspark (USA) Marketing Intern: Video Editor, 2009-2012
ORBIT architecten Architectural drawer, 2008-2009
Outspark (USA) Community Leader, Game Leader, 2008-2008


TV Enschede FM Intern; Director, Editing, 2014-2015
TV Enschede FM Intern; Camera & Edit, 2011-2012
ORBIT architecten Intern; Architectural drawer, 2008-2008
JP van Eesteren Intern, 2005-2006

Extracurricular activities

LiNK:FiFo Film & Photo Commission, 2010-2011
Censtudios Founder, 2006-cur

Freelance projects

Apr 2017   Inside Esports (NL) Live broadcast at the biggest LAN in Benelux
Sep 2016   McGuire Programme (NL) Student Experience videos for #ISAD2016
Feb 2016   Gamigo AG (GER) 3 trailers for their online/mobile games

Program Proficiency

Video Editing: Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, Final Cut
Compositing / GFX: After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Encore
Sound Editing / Music: Soundbooth, Audacity, FL Studio, Logic Pro
Web Authoring: Zend Studio/ZDE, Dreamweaver
Web Language: HTML5, CSS, PHP5, MySQL, JS, AJAX
Illustration: Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp
Architectural: VectorWorks/RenderWorks, AutoCAD
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X
Other: Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Mindjet Mindmanager

A more detailed version can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


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